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October 2020: Save the Dewlish mosaic!
The Dorset Museum is raising funds to save an important Roman mosaic for the nation. The fragment of mosaic, found in a villa at Dewlish in 1974, depicts a leopard bringing down an antelope. It is one of the finest figured mosaics found anywhere in Britain. It has been sold to an overseas buyer, and will leave the country unless the money can be raised to acquire it for the Dorset Museum, which already holds other mosaics from the same villa. The government has placed a temporary export bar on the mosaic, so the museum needs to raise £135,000 by January 2021 to keep it in the UK.
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September 2017: New mosaic at Boxford, Berkshire
The Boxford History Project and the Berkshire Archaeology Research Group, in collaboration with Cotswold Archaeology, have uncovered one of the most spectacular and unusual Roman mosaics ever discovered in Britain. It is decorated with mythological scenes, including Bellerophon killing the Chimaera and Hercules fighting a centaur. It also features cupids, perhaps representing the seasons, and giants (telamones) in the corners holding up the central panel.
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November 2016: Dr David J. Smith
We are sad to report that the founder of ASPROM, Dr David Smith, died on 24 November. He was the first editor of Mosaic, from 1979 to 1984, and was also a founder member of AIEMA. Among his many contributions to Roman archaeology, perhaps the most significant was the identification of different regional groupings ('schools') in Romano-British mosaics.
May 2016: New book on animals in Romano-British mosaics, by Patricia Witts
ASPROM member Pat Witts has published the results of many years of research in A Mosaic Menagerie: Creatures of Land, Sea and Sky in Romano-British Mosaics (BAR British Series B625).
crosslet  Publication details (pdf, 2 MB)
February 2016: Restoration of mosaics in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
It was reported in the press recently that work on the twelfth-century wall mosaics has been completed, revealing their brilliant colours for the first time in decades. A later phase of the restoration project will uncover the mosaic floor of the original fourth-century basilica built by the Emperor Constantine.
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January 2016: News from the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM)
The ICCM has become a non-profit Foundation based in Italy. It also has a new website:
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February 2015: New book on the Roman mosaics of Switzerland
Sophie Delbarre-Bärtschi's new book, Les mosaïques romaines en Suisse (Antiqua 53, 2014), updates von Gonzenbach's 1961 catalogue of Roman mosaics in Switzerland, and examines their techniques, materials, design, iconography and contexts.
crosslet  Publication details and order form (pdf, 2.5 MB)
December 2014: New AIEMA President
Professor Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets has been elected as the President of AIEMA. Professor Guimier-Sorbets' research encompasses all aspects of Greek and Roman mosaics in the eastern Mediterranean, including important contributions to the study of mosaic iconography, techniques and materials, and the use of computer databases.
October 2014: New grants for museums or sites with mosaics
As well as our grants for individual researchers, ASPROM is now offering grants of up to £500 to support UK museums or sites with the costs of individual or ongoing projects relating to the presentation, conservation or study of ancient mosaics.
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Monday 17–Friday 21 October 2022: 15th International Congress on Ancient Mosaics: Mosaic in Context
Lyon and Saint-Romain-en-Gal, France
Further information
Saturday 4 December 2021 (provisional date): ASPROM Winter Symposium
venue to be announced
Saturday 27 November 2021 (provisional date): ASPROM AGM
online (Zoom)
Saturday 5 June 2021: ASPROM Summer Symposium
online (Zoom)
The talks will focus on Roman Colchester.
crosslet  Full details
Saturday 5 December 2020: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
online (Zoom)
Saturday 7 December 2019: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
Kings College London, Bush House
Saturday 8–Sunday 9 June 2019: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Fishbourne & Bignor
Saturday 1 December 2018: ASPROM AGM and 40th Anniversary Symposium
Kings College London, Strand Campus
Monday 15–Friday 19 October 2018: 14th International Congress on Ancient Mosaics
Nicosia, Cyprus
Saturday 2–Sunday 3 June 2018: ASPROM Summer Symposium
York & Aldborough
Saturday 2 December 2017: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
Kings College London, Strand Campus
Sunday 15–Friday 20 October 2017: Thirteenth Meeting of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM)
Further information
Friday 6–Saturday 7 October 2017: Colloquium of the North American branch of AIEMA
Baltimore Museum of Art
A colloquium on ancient mosaics, wall painting and stucco: topics covered include iconography, style, new discoveries, exhibitions and conservation.
Saturday 8 July 2017: Portugal–Algeria: Roman Mosaics: Fragments of a Common Past
Condeixa-a-Nova, Conímbriga
A conference run by APECMA, the Portuguese branch of AIEMA.
Programme (pdf, 3 MB)
Saturday 3–Sunday 4 June 2017: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Brading, Isle of Wight
Saturday 3 December 2016: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
Kings College London, Strand Campus
Thursday 24–Friday 25 November 2016: Mosaic: Archaeometry, Technology and Conservation
Ninth workshop in the series, focusing on the role of science and technology in the production and conservation of ancient and modern mosaics.
Saturday 8–Sunday 9 October 2016: BAMM Mosaic Forum 2016
King's College Waterloo Campus, Stamford Street, London
A weekend of lectures, masterclasses and market stalls, organised by the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM).
Further details
Friday 1–Sunday 3 July 2016: Conference: East Meets West
Alter do Chão, Portugal
First meeting organised by the International Project RoGeMoPorTur (Geometric Roman Mosaics in Portugal and Turkey), which will examine the reciprocal influence of different cultures on Roman mosaics in Portugal and Turkey.
Further information
Saturday 4–Sunday 5 June 2016: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Cirencester & Chedworth
Wednesday 30 March–Monday 12 September 2016: Exhibition: Roman Mosaics across the Empire
Getty Museum, Malibu
Exhibition of Roman mosaics, mostly from the Getty's collections, ranging from Italy to North Africa, southern Gaul and Syria.
Exhibition website
Saturday 5 December 2015: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
Kings College London, Strand Campus
Friday 13 November 2015: Free Study Day: Glories in Gold and Glass
Museum of London, Western Theatre
An introduction to the nineteenth-century mosaic decoration in St Paul's Cathedral.
Details & registration
Tuesday 3 November 2015–Sunday 24 April 2016: Exhibition of Roman mosaics from Aix-en-Provence
Musťe gallo-romain, Saint-Roman-en-Gal
Exhibition of newly-restored mosaics from Aix, some of which will be exhibited complete for the first time, including two mosaics depicting the boxing match between Dares and Entellus, an episode in Virgil's Aeneid.
Exhibition poster
Museum website
Friday 16 October 2015: Making and Thinking about Making in Greco-Roman Antiquity
Kings College London, Strand Campus
A workshop on craft processes in the ancient world and cultural responses to them, focusing on textiles and mosaics.
Further information
Saturday 3 October–Sunday 29 November 2015: The Sorrell Family Exhibition
Chelmsford Museum
An exhibition of drawings and paintings by members of the Sorrell family, including the archaeological illustrator Alan Sorrell, who was well-known for his distinctive reconstructions of Roman sites.
Museum website
Monday 14–Friday 18 September 2015: 13th International Congress on Ancient Mosaics
First circular
(pdf, 3 MB)
Wednesday 16 September 2015: talk by Stephen Cosh, 50 Years On – The Roman Villa in Sparsholt
Sparsholt Village Hall, 7 pm
A talk marking 50 years since the discovery of the Sparsholt Roman villa and mosaic by a team directed by David Johnston.
(pdf, 400 K)
Saturday 13–Sunday 14 June 2015: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Taunton & Keynsham
Programme & travel information
Tuesday 17 March–Sunday 30 August 2015: Exhibition of Roman mosaics
Musée gallo-romain, Saint-Roman-en-Gal
Exhibition of Roman mosaics from Sérézin-du-Rhône and Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux.
Wednesday 15 April 2015: Study day on the logistics of mosaic construction
Monday 23–Friday 27 March 2015: Fragments in Context: Interpretation and Re-composition of Greek and Roman Wall Paintings and Mosaics
University of Padua
A course introducing methodologies for studying wall and floor decorations excavated as fragments.
Further information
(pdf, 1.2 MB)
Saturday 6 December 2014: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
Kings College London, Strand Campus
Monday 27–Friday 31 October 2014: Twelfth Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM): Conservation and Presentation of Mosaics: At What Cost?
First circular
(pdf, 1.1 MB)
Friday 24–Sunday 26 October 2014: British Mosaic Forum 2014
A weekend of lectures, masterclasses, guided visits and exhibitions, organised by the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM).
Programme (pdf, 5 MB)
Thursday 16–Saturday 18 October 2014: Colloquium of the North American branch of AIEMA
Getty Villa, Malibu
A colloquium on ancient mosaics, wall painting and stucco, the restoration of works of art, and mosaics of the modern period, with a keynote lecture by Michael Hoff, who has recently discovered important mosaics in Turkey.
26–27 July 2014: Exhibition of David Neal's drawings
St Mary's Church, Little Brickhill, MK17 9NA, 2–6 pm
An exhibition of David Nealís drawings of the pavements in Westminster Abbey and a few of his paintings of Roman mosaics. Short talks will take place every 30 minutes. Entrance £4 (in aid of the renovation of the church).
7 June 2014: ASPROM Summer Symposium
Waddesdon Manor
(pdf, 2 MB)
Thursday 5 June–Sunday 2 November 2014: Lod Mosaic on display at Waddesdon Manor
This spectacular Roman mosaic, found at Lod in Israel in 1996, has been touring the US and Europe since 2010. Its only stop in the UK — and the last before it goes on permanent display in Israel — is Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, where it will form the centrepiece of an exhibition, along with objects lent by the British Museum.
crosslet  Learn more about the Lod Mosaic
Exhibition details
Friday 30 May 2014: The Mosaics of Thessaloniki revisited
Courtauld Institute, London
A one-day workshop on the Late Antique and Byzantine mosaics of Thessaloniki.
Further information
Saturday 7 December 2013: ASPROM AGM and Symposium
Kings College London, Strand Campus
Saturday 3 August 2013–Sunday 12 January 2014: Newton St Loe Orpheus mosaic on display
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
The fragments of the Orpheus mosaic have been reassembled and will be on display for only the second time in over 150 years. The mosaic was thought to have been destroyed until the fragments were identified in the 1990s by a team of ASPROM members led by Anthony Beeson. The mosaic is being displayed to coincide with Roman Empire: Power and People, a touring exhibition of Roman material from the British Museum.
crosslet  Leaflet about the Orpheus mosaic (500 K)
Further information
Monday 4–Wednesday 6 November 2013: Cultural Heritage Practices: Issues of Archaeological Conservation and Site Preservation
Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
This workshop will provide basic information about current theories, principles, policies and practices related to the conservation of ancient materials and cultural heritage in the eastern Mediterranean, with some emphasis on sites with mosaics. It is one of a series of courses organised by the New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies (NARNIA).
crosslet  See the full programme of NARNIA events.
Course details
Tuesday 9–Thursday 18 July 2013: London Summer School in Classics, including a workshop on making mosaics
University College London
Course details
(2.2 MB)
Friday 7–Sunday 9 June 2013: AFEMA Summer Excursion to Provence
Vaison-la-Romaine and Orange
ASPROM members are welcome to join in this weekend organised by the Francophone branch of AIEMA, which includes talks, site visits and socialising.
crosslet  AFEMA website
Wednesday 5 June 2013: lecture by Yoshiki Hori (Kyushu University), Understanding the Production of Mosaics through the Artisanís Mistakes
Senate House (room G22/26), Malet Street, London, 5 pm
Saturday 1–Sunday 2 June 2013: ASPROM Summer Symposium
May 2013: NARNIA training courses
22–25 May: Interior Decoration in the Eastern Mediterranean during Hellenistic and Roman Times: Mosaics, Paintings, Iconography, Materials, Techniques and Conservation
27–29 May: Information Systems for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (including databases of mosaics)
Université de Paris Ouest, Nanterre
These courses are part of a series organised by the New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies (NARNIA).
crosslet  See the full programme of NARNIA events.
Course details
Course details
Saturday 23 March 2013: Production in Pieces: Making Mosaics from Antiquity to the Present
Kings College London, Strand Campus
A workshop that will examine the techniques and materials used in mosaics from the Hellenistic period to the present day, and place mosaic production within its social and historical context by assessing our knowledge of craftsmen and customers.
Further information
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