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Past awards

ASPROM has funded the following research and conservation projects:

2020Dorset Museum£500 towards the purchase of the leopard and antelope mosaic from the Roman villa at Dewlish.
 Emily French£305 for a visit to Mérida to collect data for a 3D model of the cosmological mosaic (available on Sketchfab).
 Adam Blitz£205 to photograph mosaics from Apamea in the Art and History Museum in Brussels, for the Digital Apamea virtual exhibition.
2019Milton Keynes Museum£500 towards the restoration and display of the Bancroft Villa mosaic.
 Boxford History Project£500 towards the cost of fully excavating and recording the Bellerophon and Pelops mosaic at Mud Hole Roman Villa, Boxford, discovered in 2017 (see reports in Newsletters 75 and 76, autumn 2019 and spring 2020).
 Chiara Cecalupo£360 towards the cost of translations and publication rights for an article on the reuse of ancient mosaic fragments in eighteenth-century tabletops (see Mosaic 46 (2019) 10–16)
2017Brading Roman Villa£500 towards the replacement of outdated interpretation boards and the production of a 3D video reconstruction of the Villa (available on YouTube).
 Aldborough Roman Site£500 towards the cost of new information panels.
 Claudine Dauphin£420 for a visit to Israel to research the spread of a distinctive geometric pattern in the mosaics of Byzantine Palaestina and Arabia.
 Alessandra Pompili£225 towards the cost of photographs for her publication of the pavements of the Domus del Ninfeo, Ostia (B.A.R., forthcoming).
 Kara K. Burns£168 towards the cost of illustrations for her book on the relationship between Orpheus and Bacchus in Romano-British mosaics (B.A.R., forthcoming)
2016Liz James£200 towards the cost of colour plates in Mosaics in the Medieval World: From Late Antiquity to the Fifteenth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2017).
 Miguel Ángel Valero Tévar£200 towards the cost of scientific analysis of the mosaic materials used in the villa at Noheda.
 Lucy Elkerton£100 for travel to Spain in connection with her doctoral research on images of gender in Iberian mosaics (see Newsletter 69, autumn 2016).
 Martina Marano£100 towards vertical photography for the publication of the mosaics in the 'Caseggiato dei Lottatori' at Ostia (see Mosaic 44 (2017) 4–11).
2015Canterbury Roman Museum£400 for professional cleaning of the mosaic floor in the museum.
 Past Landscapes Project,
Salisbury Museum
£210 for geophysical survey of a Roman villa with mosaics at Brixton Deverill, Wiltshire (see Newsletter 67, autumn 2015).
2014Georgina Muskett£500 towards the conservation and display of a mosaic fragment from Medbourne, Leicestershire, in National Museums Liverpool (see Mosaic 42 (2015) 40–43).
 Amanda Klein£183.61 to buy a mosaic conservation toolkit for her work at the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project at Vacone, Italy.
2013Rebecca Sweetman£200 towards the cost of colour plates in The Mosaics of Roman Crete: Art, Archaeology and Social Change (Cambridge University Press, 2013).
 Paul Simpson£104 for travel in connection with a handbook on the maintenance and conservation of in situ Roman mosaics in Britain.
2012Pari White£150 for field trips to locate possible sources of mosaic materials in Roman Britain.
 Roger Wilson£150 towards the cost of geophysical survey of a Roman villa with mosaics at Gerace, Sicily (see see Mosaic 46 (2019) 17–33).
 Dylan Rogers£100 to visit sites in south-west Turkey, in connection with the publication of the church mosaics at Hacımusalar Höyük in Lycia.
 Paulina Szulist£50 for museum and library visits in connection with her Masters thesis on images of curtains in Roman architectural contexts (see Newsletter 62, spring 2013).
2011Sean Leatherbury£250 for a visit to Tunisia to study mosaic inscriptions in Early Christian churches (see Mosaic 41 (2014) 9–16).
 Dorset County Museum/
Bob Field
£250 towards the cost of conserving the 1930s tracings of the busts of the Seasons on the mosaic at Colliton Park, Dorchester, which record parts of the mosaic that are now lost.
2010Liz James£350 for SEM analysis of gold-glass tesserae from the Roman villa at Southwick in West Sussex (see Antiquaries Journal 93 (2013) 93–107).
 Tyler Jo Smith£150 for travel in connection with research on the Cilicia mosaic from Antioch, now in the Classical Art and Archaeology Collection of the University of Oklahoma (see Mosaic 38 (2011) 9–16).
2009Pari White£250 for travel in connection with her doctoral research on the provenance of mosaic materials in Roman Britain.
 Delphine Renaut£150 for a visit to Zurich to study two unprovenanced Late Antique mosaic panels depicting Okeanos and Thalassa, in the Archaeological Collection of the University of Zurich (see Mosaic 38 (2011) 29–33).
 Veronika Scheibelreiter£100 towards the cost of illustrations for a book on the Roman and Late Antique mosaics of western Asia Minor (Die Mosaiken Westkleinasiens: Tessellate des 2. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. bis Anfang des 7. Jahrhunderts n. Chr., Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2011).
2008Margherita Carrucci£350 for a visit to Rome and Ostia, as part of a project on images of lighthouses in Roman Africa (see Mosaic 36 (2009) 17–19).
2007Niki Savvides£300 for carrying out a condition assessment of the Roman mosaics in situ at Paphos and Kourion in Cyprus.

If you are interested in applying for funding for a mosaic-related project, please see our grants page.

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